Every year Advance purchase over 300 Easter Eggs for our valued clients, if you are one of those lucky people normally on the receiving end of a chocolaty treat then bad news….you aren’t getting one this year.

Before you all start rushing to your nearest supermarket to panic buy a sweet treat let us tell you what we are doing instead.

This year we’ve decided to do something different and spread a little joy to those who really need it.

After the heartbreak of losing the lovely Natalie Marsh from a terminal illness in 2018, we know just how much hospices like The Myton Hospice in Rugby and the staff that work there are appreciated. The hospice focuses on enhancing patient’s lives and wellbeing and giving them more quality time with their families and loved ones. When someone you care for suffers from a terminal illness, every day is precious and the Myton Hospice works hard to ensure those final moments are as good as they can be. Advance wanted to recognise the hard work done by all at the hospice and to bring a smile to the faces of the staff and residents and have chosen to donate the Easter Eggs here.

If you would like to support Myton then please visit their website where you can make a donation.



We also wanted to donate Easter Eggs within the local community and are supporting the Gilmorton  Easter Egg Trail. An event ran by the villagers and not your regular easter egg hunt obviously due to the lockdown restrictions. 34 coloured Easter Egg drawings have been located on the Gilmorton circumference walk, so when children are taking their daily outdoor exercise they can hunt for these. The drawings are all numbered and some contain letters. The letters create an anagram which spells out a three word phrase! This sounds very exciting and we can’t wait to give it a go! Thank you to all involved in organising this.

Now doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside instead of wanting to dash to Tesco (other supermarkets are available)

Finally we wanted to wish all our clients, friends, family and colleagues a safe and Happy Easter.


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